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Heating Elements

Includes high power electric heating tube, air heating tube, hydronic heating pipe, titanium metal tube, heater band etc...

Stranded Wires

Nickel-Chromium & Pure-nickel 7, 19 & 37 strand wires...

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0Cr21Al6Nb is a ferritic iron-chromium-aluminum alloy (FeCrAl alloy) that can be used at temperatures up to 1350°C. The alloy is characterized by high resistivity and very good oxidation resistance.
0Cr21Al6Nb is most commonly used as heating elements in large industrial applications, such as industrial furnaces (commonly found in the glass, ceramic, electronics, and steel industries). Its high resistivity and ability to withstand elements without oxidation, even in sulphuric acid and hot atmospheres, make the 0Cr21Al6Nb a popular choice for handling large heating elements.
0Cr21Al6Nb Resistance Wire is also known as Kanthal A-1, Aluchrom O, Alchrome 875, Alloy 875, Icralloy 25, Resistohm 145, Alferon 25, MWS-875, Stablohm 875 etc.
Bright and soft annealed finish: 0.05 - 1.6mm; Acid-pickled or oxidation finish: 1.0 -10.0mm; Golden color: 1.0-3.9mm; Blue color: 4.0-10.0mm; Rods: 8.0-22.0mm
Flat wire: width from 0.2 - 6.0mm and thickness from 0.08 - 1.0mm; Wide strip: width from 8.0 - 240mm and thickness from 0.05 - 4.0mm

Product Description

Chemical Composition:

C P S Mn Si Cr Ni Al Fe Nb
0.05 0.025 0.02 0.5 ≤0.6 21.0~23.0 ≤0.6 5.0-7.0 Reminder 0.5
Physical Properties:
Max. continuous service Temp. 1350ºC Resistivity at 20ºC( μΩ·m) 1.45±0.07
Density 7.10 g/cm3 Thermal conductivity(20ºC) 13 W/(m·K)
Average linear expansion coefficient(20-1000ºC) 16.0 α×10-6/ºC Specific heat capacity 0.49 J/(g·K)
Approx. melting point  1510ºC Elongation at breakn Diameter≤3.0mm: ≥10%
Diameter>3.0mm: ≥12%
Tensile strength(Rm/MPa) ≥650 Accelerated life test ≥50h/1350ºC
Micrographic structure Ferrite Magnetic properties Magnetic

We provide the Iron-Chromium-Aluminium alloy products in various forms, like the wires, strips and rods. Other alloys like 0Cr25Al5, 0Cr23Al5, 1Cr20Al3, 0Cr21Al6, 1Cr13Al4 and 0Cr27Al7Mo2 are also available on request.