a Polyimide Film with FEP coated (FH film)

FH & FHF composite films The FH film is a heat sealable film which is made by Polyimide film with one side or double side FEP coated. When combined with FEP resin, the Polyimide film remains excellent heat and electrical properties. This kind of film is widely used in high temperature wire manufacturing. When treated in a high temperature, the film will adhere from one side to another and from film to copper. The well sealed conditions enable the wire to be used in severe environment such as high temperature, under water and oil.

Types of product

Film Type Side 1 FEP Polyimide film Side 2 FEP
FH110 0.01mm 0.025mm 0
FH120 0.01mm 0.025mm 0.01mm
FH130 0.01mm 0.035mm 0
FH132 0.01mm 0.035mm 0.01mm
FH210 0.01mm 0.05mm 0
FH220 0.01mm 0.05mm 0.01mm
FH310 0.02mm 0.075mm 0
FH320 0.02mm 0.075mm 0.02mm

Note: The thickness of film and FEP can be changed upon special request.


Electrical and mechanical properties of FH film is similar to that of pure polyimide film. Click here for specifications of polyimide film.

The heat seal strength of FH film:
Single side (film to coating): 1.96N/25mm
Double side (coating to coating): 7.8N/25mm