a Industrial ribbon Heating elements

Resistance wires or electrothermal alloy strips must eventually be designed and made into electric heating elements before they can be used in the production field. Driving the overall quality and performance of each heat treatment operation is the electric heating element. Only the best component design can provide an optimized solution for your operation. The great thermal efficiency and design flexibility make this heating element very popular. Maximum heat per unit area is achieved using a ribbon heating element. A typical ribbon element consists of two rows and is suspended in refractory bricks on the ceiling, walls and floors of a small industrial high-temperature furnace. spiral heating element
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a Furnace ribbon heating elements

Coil heating elements involve the use of heavy-duty alloy frames to accommodate ceramic spools of various shapes and sizes to accommodate limited and restricted areas. Our electric heating elements are characterized by high quality, high power density, excellent thermal strength and low power density. At the same time, we can manufacture the elements according to your design requirements. spiral heating element
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a Tubular heating elements

We can supply several different types of electric heating elements, each with its own unique functions and applications. 1. Nichrome heating element: Nichrome is a type of alloy that is commonly used in heating elements. It has high resistance to electrical current, which allows it to generate heat when an electric current is passed through it. Nichrome heating elements are often used in appliances such as toasters, hair dryers, and space heaters. 2. Ceramic heating element: Ceramic heating elements are made of ceramic materials that are able to withstand high temperatures. They are often used in small appliances such as curling irons and coffee makers. 3. Quartz heating element: Quartz heating elements use quartz tubes to generate heat. They are often used in laboratory equipment and industrial processes that require precise temperature control. 4. Mica heating element: Mica heating elements are made of mica sheets that are wrapped around a metal core. They are commonly used in high-temperature applications, such as in furnaces and ovens. 5. Tubular heating element: Tubular heating elements are long, cylindrical tubes that are filled with a resistive material. They are often used in heating systems for liquids, such as in water heaters and boilers. spiral heating element
spiral heating element
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